About Interactive Brokers

We use Interactive Brokers as our main brokerage / custody provider for client accounts because they have excellent technology and are low cost. We can also use other providers or private banks if so required by clients.

Interactive Brokers is listed on NASDAQ (NYQ:IBKR) with a market cap of USD 21 billion and holds an investment grade BBB credit rating awarded by Standards & Poor’s (4th Quarter 2020). The company is over 40 years old and is regulated by SFC in Hong Kong, SEC in the US, FCA in UK and MAS in Singapore.

Ranked #1 by Barron’s: https://webreprints.djreprints.com/57159.html
Company Profile: https://www.interactivebrokers.com.hk/en/index.php?f=564

Keeping brokerage costs low is important to us as much as the client because we are compensated on performance fee, which is calculated after such brokerage, custody and margin costs.

Unlike some other advisors or investment managers, we do not mark-up commissions, custody or margin charges. As a result, our income from portfolio trading activity is zero.

We do not make money from trading activity (commission mark-ups), passage of time (management fee). Our only source of income is from investment results: performance fee that is accrued when the client’s portfolio value appreciates beyond its previous highest value.