About Us

GFM Group Limited is a SFC licensed investment management firm based in Hong Kong. GFM is run by its two co-founders, directors, and responsible officers, Anand Batepati and Tariq Dennison, who have worked together since 2004 at Bear Stearns.

Anand and Tariq complement each other in style and investment approach. Where Anand spends most of his time on deep investigation of companies, Tariq works on tax-efficient asset allocation for clients with retirement plans. Both Tariq and Anand invest their own money they same way they manage client portfolios.

GFM offers two service lines – the focus investing strategy managed by Anand, and financial & wealth planning by Tariq. Anand’s approach can be described as high-conviction bottom-up investing, and Tariq’s as diversified top-down asset allocation. 

This website profiles the Focus Investing Strategy which is offered to clients as separately managed accounts. Information on Tariq’s Financial Planning services is available here.

Anand Batepati

Anand is a co-founder and portfolio manager at GFM, and has 20 years of finance experience. Prior to his role at GFM, Anand was the Head of Multi Asset Structuring for Asia at Rabobank. He has previously worked for HSBC, Bear Stearns, JP Morgan and the World Bank.

He holds two masters degrees in finance from London Business School and Asian Institute of Management / McGill University and has worked in New York, London and Hong Kong in his career.

Tariq Dennison

Tariq is a co-founder and responsible officer of GFM and a professional CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER. Tariq worked worked with Anand at Bear Stearns until its takeover by JP Morgan in 2008, and then worked at CIBC and Societe Generale before starting GFM.

Tariq holds a Masters in Financial Engineering degree from the University of California at Berkeley.